Every end to end data flow in nChannel Omni is represented by a GET something and a PUT somethingEach of these channel transactions must complete successfully for data to arrive in its destination system.

If your account has been configured to do so, nChannel will send out an email alerting users of different events by status.

This feature is most commonly used to alert about a failure for a critical transaction, like orders making it into an ERP for processing. However, alerts don't have to be tied to an error.

What's in the email alert?

The email alert contains several key pieces of information about a transaction event occurring. It doesn't necessarily contain all of the information necessary to react to the event (like responding to a failure). The following is included in the alert:

  • Account Name and Number that fired the alert
  • Channel and Channel Transaction that fired the alert from that account (which connection and which transaction on that connection?)
  • The date/time of the transaction event
  • The business reference of the data processed by the event (e.g. an order number or SKU)
  • The status of the event

The alert will also contain some advanced details that nChannel Support and other more technical users can use to understand the nature of the event.

  • Work ID is the unique event identifier in nChannel
  • Message will show whatever error message, status code, etc. was written by the channel transaction's source code. These messages will vary by channel in their usefulness and technical jargon.

What do you do with an email alert?

How or if you should react in any way to an email alert depends on the nature of the alert and how your account was configured.

The following are some general rules to keep in mind:

  • An event that resolves to "suspended" will require human intervention to address. Reach out to the support team if you are unsure about what to do.
  • nChannel's support team is automatically notified of any "suspended" events, so they are best prepared to help you address them.
  • An even that resolves to "failure" sounds like something you need to react to, but until the event resolves to "suspend", assume the nChannel software is retrying and will eventually succeed.
  • The error message in an alert will rarely be easy to understand from a non-technical perspective. The Support team is available to help you react.
  • Ideally, your account is configured to only send you alerts that you care about reacting to. If you are receiving too few or too many, please work with Support to adjust your account setup.